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    22 Faces All Siblings Will Instantly Recognise

    Don't tell Mum and Dad.

    1. The "Mum's Not Gonna Like That" Face.

    2. The "Mum And Dad Are So Going To Kill You" Face.

    Saban International / Via

    3. The "OMG Our Parents Are SO Weird" Face.

    4. The "This Isn't Fair Why Do You Get Everything?" Face.

    5. The "How Come You Got One And I Didn't?" Face.

    6. The "I'm Just Gonna Take This Because What's Yours is Mine" Face.

    7. The "I Can't Believe You Just Got Away With That" Face.

    Fox Broadcasting Company / Via

    8. The "Everyone Knows I'm The Favourite Child" Face.

    9. The "Please Don't Tell Mum and Dad" Face.


    10. The "I'm So Telling Mum And Dad" Face.


    11. The "I Can't Believe You Just Told Mum And Dad" Face.

    NBC / Via

    12. The "I Just Listened In On Your Phone Call" Face.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    13. The "Do You Know How Annoying You Are Being Right Now?" Face.

    14. The "I Can't Believe We Are Related" Face.

    Matt Groening / Via

    15. The "Help Me Our Parents Are Driving Me Crazy" Face.

    Cartoon Network / Via

    16. The "Let's Convince Mum And Dad To Get A Puppy" Face.

    17. The "I Really Hope You Remembered It's Mother's Day Because I Definitely Forgot" Face.

    18. The "Going To Destroy You At Monopoly I Don't Care If We're Blood" Face.

    Beacon Communications / Via

    19. The "I Was Right You Were Wrong I'm The Best" Face.

    Matthew Simmons / Getty Images

    20. The "Trying To Be Proud Of You But So Jealous Right Now" Face.

    21. The "Come Save Me From Our Weird Cousin" Face.

    22. The "I'm So Glad You're Here Our Entire Family Is Fucking Nuts" Face.


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