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19 Things You'll Just Get If You're A Girl Who Loves To Poo

You're not scared to talk about it in great, great detail.

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1. People who joke that girls don't poo wind you up.

We're proud of our superior stench, Spike.

We're proud of our superior stench, Spike.

2. Because you're not afraid to talk about what's important to you.

3. In fact, you talk about it in explicit detail.


4. Because you're such a confident pooer, you never worry about people knowing that you're doing one.


5. In fact, you usually announce when you're about to go.


6. Because your pooing skills have always been a great source of pride.


7. Keeping track of how often you go gives you great satisfaction.

Remee Patel

8. And if you don't go for ages, you feel like a completely different person.

You don't feel like you if you don't poo.

You don't feel like you if you don't poo.

9. Because you just get such a buzz when you do a nice, solid turd.

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10. You're always giving your friends fun facts about your favourite pastime.

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11. And there's nothing you relish more than having a juicy convo about doo-doo with a fellow poop lover.

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12. The poop emoji is your favourite.

It's even better when given a glam makeover.

13. And you love a good poop accessory.

14. Not to mention fancy "toiletries".

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15. Sometimes, taking a shit literally makes you a better person.

16. Other times, not so much.

17. You haven't got time for people's sexist opinions on your favourite subject.

If you think it's gross when girls talk about poo then move along... Cos I talk about poo aaalllllll day

18. Because there ain't no shame in a dame who loves a dump.

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I have a beautiful way with words, I know.


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Loving your poo is loving you.