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    17 People Who Just Really Are...Something Else

    "Did you go to the jim?"

    1. This guy who should probably focus on his own education:

    I’m never talking to a boy ever again

    2. This husband who trolled his wife:

    3. And this auntie who seems to be doing the same to her niece:

    I literally can’t deal with my aunties anymore. This is entrapment.

    4. This person who took things a little too literally:

    I'm never asking anyone out on a date again

    5. And this friend who completely missed the context:

    This boy is a dummy 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    6. This guy who has everything in its exact place:

    7. This person who probably doesn't have time for the group project:

    8. And this one who probably has a little too much time on their hands:

    I’m gettin real fed up w group projects

    9. This boyfriend who dared to ask:

    10. This Tinder match who clearly wasn't a true fan:

    I tried flirting w a guy that had a spongebob quote in his bio

    11. This person who did the unfathomable:

    How you get stuck in your own window???

    12. And this person who deserves a double, even TRIPLE, take:

    13. This helpful friend looking for help:

    chance you got when this is what your pals hit you with

    14. This drunk mum:

    15. And this spell-checking dad:

    my dad asked me how to spell katy perry a couple minutes ago and now i’m an accessory to this crime

    16. Garrett:

    i’m never again sending garrett live videos of our kid moving 😐

    17. And this brother who just didn't really think his post through:


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