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    17 Fucking Brilliant Responses To Fuckboys In 2017

    These are the real heroes of Tinder.

    1. This visual response:

    2. This arsey comeback:

    3. This cold, cold line:

    4. This polite takedown:

    5. This absolutel roasting:

    6. This complete destroyal:

    7. This simple yet brutal reply:

    8. This poetic battle:

    9. This earnest engagement:

    10. This seemingly polite reply:

    11. This role-reversal:

    12. This definitive action:

    13. This catty burn:

    14. This well-made point:

    15. And this savage one:

    16. This magical move:

    17. And this plain genius one:

    H/T this fantastic Tumblr straightwhiteboystexting and Tinder Nightmares!