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    25 Things That Only Happen At Oceana

    *Loses mates, gets off with a Smurf*

    1. You always psych yourself up for a big night at Oceana.

    2. But then you get in and you're like: "Holy shit there are a fuckload of people in here".

    3. Which means it's not long before you've already lost all of your friends.

    Miramax / Via

    4. And attempting to find eachother never really works out.

    You're such a pest @BenJefferyJ go away #benproblems #oceanaproblems

    5. Because to avoid queuing again, you bought drinks in bulk.

    6. So now you don't even know your name, let alone where you are.

    Touchstone / Via

    7. You start to feel sorry for yourself, and alone, SO alone.

    8. So you seek solace in the WKDs that are on special offer.

    9. And now, because you're absolutely buzzing on artificial colours, you decide to make new mates.

    I spent my 5 minutes in oceana meeting some new mates

    10. New mates who will no doubt end up on a keyring you purchased because you wanted to commemorate your new friendship.

    11. Fancy dress is encouraged at Oceana.

    12. So you end up getting off with a Smurf in the smoking area, because that's where all Oceana romances starts.

    Sexiest smurf you will ever see !! #Blue #Oceana

    13. But then you bump into your mates, because it's also a Lost and Found for humans.

    When you lose your mates in Oceana and then find them in the smoking area

    14. Being reunited feels so great until one of you decides to go to the loo.

    Warner Bros / Via

    15. Because Oceana is just massive in every way.

    16. You always think that the disco room is by far the best room.

    17. But then after a while, once the night sinks in, you realise it may just be the worst.

    If anyone has seen my dignity could you please return it , I think it's somewhere in the disco room in Oceana

    18. Because that's where you started your dance-off.

    19. And then stacked it in front of everyone.

    completely forgot I absolutely stacked it face first in Oceana last night. #CaptainSmooth

    20. Even at the end of the night, you still have to go to the cash machine and get ripped off.

    21. Because even though you took out 40 quid and it's a student night, you still have zero money left.

    Disney / Via


    23. And they sell hotdogs in Oceana because it is a wonderful place where all your dreams come true.

    24. And even when your memory is a little hazy the next day, there will always be that lovely little reminder imprinted on your wrist.

    25. That and smurf stains 😍😍😍.

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