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    19 Of The Sassiest Responses Women Gave To Men On Tinder In 2015

    Best way to deal with guys that simply have no chill? Hit them with something ice-cold.

    1. In 2015, women dealt with a lot of disturbing shit from fuckboys online.

    2. So, instead of giving them the booty, they gave them the boot.

    3. They responded to pic requests the only logical way.

    4. But decided that if pressed further, they would have no choice but to submit.

    5. They scienced the fuck out of astronomical assholes.

    6. And kicked them to the curb with carbs.

    7. They mirrored and mastered the language of the fuckboy.

    8. Sometimes, they were just plain sassy AF.

    9. Because if you ask a stupid question, you will get a fucking sassy answer.

    10. You will get an honest answer.

    Twitter: @jucoelho

    To pray for your soul, fuckboy.

    11. Women knew that being a "Debbie Downer" was a sure-fire way to cool things off with these fuckboys.

    12. That, or taking the conversation to a dark, dark place.

    13. A place that would make a fuckboy piss his pants.

    14. And if that didn't scare them off, because fuckboys are pretty depraved, then women knew what definitely would.

    15. Pick-up-lines were reinvented.

    16. They were intercepted.

    17. They were killed with kindness and piety.

    18. Sometimes, women just didn't even respond at all.

    Because one day, maybe the fuckboy will look back at this conversation he had with himself and realise that he is probably not okay.

    19. So better luck next year, fuckboys, 2015 was for bad-ass women.

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