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19 Awkward Struggles Of Being A Forgetful Person


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1. You never know when your mind is going to draw a complete blank.

2. And even using social media can be a struggle.

3. Sometimes you think you must just have a selective memory.

4. Remembering people's names, even people you know, is probably your biggest and most awkward, challenge.


And introducing them. "Oh hey uhm...each other".

5. So you're forever apologising for yourself.


6. Although your forgetfulness has come to be expected of you.

7. Every time you leave the house you have to remind yourself that you haven't left anything on that could set the house on fire.

8. Yet every time you've left the house there is always something you missed.


9. So sometimes you have to get your housemates to come to the rescue.

10. You're always convinced you don't need reminders.

Yep this happens so many times #forgetfulpeopleproblems

11. Because otherwise your life would just be full of Post-it notes.

12. Although they would probably all have penises on them because you'd probably forget what you were supposed to write on them.

13. Cooking is often a disastrous affair if it involves leaving anything alone for even a minute.

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14. And these "words" are probably the most prominent in your vocabulary.


15. You often have random tasks or thoughts scrawled all over your hand.

Because you can never forget where you put your hand.

16. You could be halfway through telling a story and you'll literally forget what you just said.


17. So your friends and family often get fed up with you.

18. Because most of the time you don't even know the date.


19. So good luck remembering important events.

And keeping your friends :( .