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    19 Hilarious Tweets About Office Life That Are So Damn Real It Hurts

    my boss: [whispering into my coffin] "you haven't submitted your timesheet".


    BOSS: You ok? ME: Yeah, why? BOSS: You have a sign that says “2 Days Without Being Annoyed” [maintaining eye contact, I change it to 0]


    *drives motorized scooter into meeting I'm late for, around the conference table, and out the door*


    How to be a grown up at work: Replace "Fuck you" with "Ok, great"


    Otaraev74 / Getty Images / Twitter: @abbycohenwl


    my boss: [whispering into my coffin] "you haven't submitted your timesheet"


    [arrives an hour late for meeting, stands outside glass door & messes my hair up a bit] Sorry, I'm late. I fucken hate it here.


    FRIEND: Dress for the job you want ME: Ok [later, at work] BOSS: Why are you wearing cat ears


    Alkir / Getty Images / Twitter: @hazelmotes1


    I like to lightheartedly tell my coworkers, "Don't even talk to me until I've had my coffee!" And then I never get coffee.


    Shout out to my coworkers for having a conversation about salsa dancing that reminded me I didn't have my earbuds in.


    When you have to turn off Beyonce's 2014 halftime show cuz the boss tells you to get back to work GOD CAN I LIVE????


    [Doctors appointment] Me: It hurts when I go like this. *gets up and leaves and goes to work*


    I hate my job. The work sucks. The people suck. The pay sucks. *looks up and sees motivational poster on wall* Well this changes everything


    [break room] coworker: what's for lunch? me: [eating] food, generally cw: no, I mean what are you having? me: an unwanted conversation


    I hate corporate lingo. Stuff like "core competency" or "design out the problem" or "I'm gonna need you to go ahead and do some work today"


    Boss: mike Boss: Mike Boss: Mike Ginn Me: whaaa sorry was just... doing an email


    10:00 am: sitting alone at work 10:05 am: my pudding cup is my new best friend 10:06 am: ate my best friend 10:07 am: sitting at work alone


    90% of my job is squinting at my monitor when somebody walks by so it looks like I'm concentrating on some work.


    “I want to hate my life in a different building” - person looking for a new job

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