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    29 Things Only Late Twentysomethings Who Stay At Hostels Will Understand

    "Yeah, I graduated too. Five years ago."

    1. Unfortunately, being in your late twenties probably means you still have to travel on a shoestring.


    2. But when you're not fresh out of university and a bit more settled in life, staying at a hostel can feel a little weird.

    3. And by weird, I mean it can make you feel old AF.

    It's 9:30 a.m. I'm eating pancakes and they're playing techno music in this hostel. I am about 9 years too old for this. #hanoi #vietnam

    4. Because practically everyone else will be younger than you.

    Overheard at my hostel in Berlin: "It's like that one episode of Suite Life with Zach and Cody." I think might be getting too old for this.

    5. Most likely on their gap year, *sigh*.

    6. And while they're all getting up in the afternoon, you'll be that person with the alarm going off at 8am.

    7. Because you're here to have fun, but you're also here to see some shit.

    8. Whenever you speak to someone cute, your immediate instinct is to ask them how old they are.

    Sony Pictures

    And they are always young, so young.

    9. And you can spot the wannabe players from a mile away.

    Some lads snapback in the hostel #cringe

    10. Even though the thought of getting with someone at the hostel feels creepy to you, you do love watching other people's dramas unfold.

    Logo / Via

    11. Hostel drinking rituals are now slightly terrifying to you.

    12. Because playing strip Twister with some 18-year-olds is just not your idea of fun any more.

    13. You genuinely worry you won't last on a pub crawl.

    14. And just the thought of a boat party makes you want to die a little bit.

    15. Because reading your book in the vacated common area actually seems more appealing.

    16. But when you try to explain this to anyone you just come out sounding like a patronising old fogey.

    17. They are just too young to understand that you're not as well equipped as you used to be.

    18. They don't know how you struggle to get onto that top bunk.

    19. And the consequences of you not getting a proper night's sleep.

    20. And while others are using the shitty internet to upload photos to Facebook, you'll probably be checking your work emails.

    21. Because you've been out of your university lifestyle for a while now.

    Girl has been in bathroom for 30 minutes. It's a shared bathroom for 6 women. This is why I don't miss college. #hostelproblems

    22. Thankfully, there's always someone older than you.

    One other person in my hostel room. 60+ year old man

    23. Someone who understands that you're at that stage where you expect to be able to take a jizz-free shower.

    24. Someone who knows that you don't want to deal with weird problems at 3am in a room you share with 15 strangers.

    25. Someone who also wonders if it's time to shell out the big bucks on a bug-free bed.

    26. A bed where "first time anal in this bed" isn't etched into the frame.

    27. But even though you know you might be too old to have cake for breakfast.

    28. You're never too old to hang out in hammocks with some new friends.

    29. And that's the kind of vibe you can only ever get from a hostel.

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