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    19 Times Jon Richardson Was The Most Hilarious Man In Britain

    Worst thing about being the Queen? "Everything, judging by her face."

    1. When his humour took a dark, dark turn.

    2. When he perfectly summed up "hanger".

    3. And made the saddest joke in the world.

    4. When he said what we were all thinking.

    5. And spoke the goddamn truth.

    6. When he always had the perfect response.

    7. When his reaction was even funnier than the joke.

    8. In fact, when he didn't need to say anything at all.

    9. When he likened politics to housework.

    10. And made this accurate comment on everyone's favourite dance.

    11. When he was really committed to a character.

    12. When he was the master of self-deprecation.

    13. When perfectly summed up British people's vices.

    14. And avoids them at all costs.

    15. When he totally nailed British culture.

    16. And spoke funny, yet wise words.

    17. When he delivered this sick burn.

    18. And was a step ahead of everyone else.

    19. Because he knows that he is pure comedy gold.