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24 Times Jon Richardson Perfectly Summed Up Everything

"I pretty much hate everything".

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1. When he appreciated how fine a kitchen utensil could be.

2. When he pretty much described being single.

3. When he preferred not to engage with people.

4. When he was wonderfully miserable.

5. And gave solid advice on dealing with the haters.

6. When he gave Buddhism a modern update.

7. When he revealed the secret to friendships.

8. And how to win them in the first place.

9. When he claimed he wasn't much of a cuddler.

10. And that he preferred just some good, sound advice.

11. But then revealed that he did have a rather sensitive side.

12. When he perfectly summed up hanger.

13. And dancing.

14. When he pretty much hit the nail on the head.

15. When he identified why we all eat junk food.

16. When he described the awkwardness of public transport.

17. When he discussed the sending of dirty pics.

18. When he argued the necessity of fear.

19. When he described Britishness perfectly.

20. When he gave money advice.

21. When he could laugh at himself.

22. And appreciate a well thought out insult.

23. But knew exactly how to respond when things went a bit too far.

24. And finally, when there was a dog around and he was each and every one of us.

SO blissfully happy.