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26 Things That Happen On Every Girls' Night Out

"You're soooo preeettyyyyy." "Noooo, you're so pretty."

1. At the beginning of the night, there will be a million photos taken.

2. And your tongues will come out in full force.

3. Sometimes as a simple sign of affection.

4. But, inevitably, someone won't like how they look in the photos.

5. At which point one of your squad will be ready with lovely, genuine compliments.

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6. And you'll go back and forth for a bit, having a compliment battle.

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7. Every time you go to the toilet you'll share a cubicle and chat to each other while you pee.


8. And it's in the bathroom where you'll make some more girlfriends for your squad.

9. Because the ladies' is probably the friendliest place ever.

10. But at some point, the queue will get ridiculous.

11. So you'll consider using the men's instead, and feel pretty badass about it.

12. Probably sooner than you'd hoped, you'll give up on your shoes.

13. And one by one, your girls will follow suit.

14. Because by now you'll all be walking like you've got something lodged up your asses anyway.

15. When your song comes on you'll all get majorly overexcited.


16. But it always happens when you get split up.

17. Then at just the right moment you'll be magically reunited.

18. And you will all get down and dirty with each other on the dancefloor.

19. Until one of you finds yourself a little too close to a stranger.

20. Who, because of beer goggles, is now "The One".


21. So one of you is forced to step in and deal with the situation.

22. Because it's that time of the night and ain't nobody got time for that shit.

23. So you all leave the club, screeching like there's no tomorrow.

24. With a twerk thrown in here and there along the way.

25. And even though the next day you question your entire friendship.

26. You know you wouldn't change it for the world.

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