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    19 People Who Failed So Hard On Tinder They Just Failed


    1. Aaron, who didn't have Netflix or any chill.

    2. Sebastian, who needs to answer to the other big guy.

    3. This guy, who has his shortcomings and knows how to use them.

    4. Danny, who was the one brought back down to earth.

    5. "Tarzan", a man of little words and little game.

    6. Bradley, whose failure rate is Dublin.

    7. Jack, who cums with no strings attached or hidden fees.

    8. This guy, who has no Lamborghini Mercy, but dick definitely be so thirsty.

    9. Jj, who has something for all dietary requirements.

    10. This person, who was just warming up for their main act.

    11. Leo, the ultimate man baby.

    12. John, who leapt to the wrong conclusion.

    13. Blake, who tried to bring it back with that classic question.

    14. Roger, who tried to get in too deep, too quickly.

    15. Kevin, the star of The Shortest Ride.

    16. Owen, who needs to rethink his salesmanship.

    17. This person, who... Why? JUST WHY?

    18. Alan, who just, oh, Alan.

    19. And Henry, who should know that if you don't have anything good to say, you shouldn't say anything at all.

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