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    17 Things You'll Only Get If You Feel Awkward At The Gym

    You're always at the back of the class.

    1. First of all, you're always conscious about how you look at the gym.

    2. And you cannot understand how some people actually manage to look so attractive.

    3. When you're doing a class, you'll always stand right at the back.

    4. Because coordination isn't really your strong point when there's a room full of people who look like they know exactly what they're doing.

    5. You've even left in the middle of a class before because you were like, What the fuck am I doing here?

    6. Your biggest worry is that people are watching and judging everything you do.

    7. When in reality you probably watch people more than they watch you.

    8. Which can sometimes put you in an awkward situation.

    9. You find the whole changing room vibe very uncomfortable.

    10. But you get jealous when you see gym buddies chatting and hanging out.

    11. Because you're scared about starting your workout, your "prep" takes a little longer than it should.

    12. Which means you end up worrying that you look like one of those people who goes to the gym and does nothing.

    13. You feel very nervous around personal trainers, especially the hot ones.


    14. And jealous when you see them flirting with another client.


    15. Some of the gym equipment confuses you so you're too scared to try it.

    16. And others are just too awkward to bear.

    17. So there's nothing you enjoy more than working out in an empty gym.