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    19 Things You'll Only Get If You're Totally Done With Going Out

    Don't be ashamed of your Friday night plans — be proud of them.

    1. When the weekend hits, you always know what you're doing.

    2. But your friends? Well, they don't always understand your choices.

    3. Whenever they try to convince you to go on a night out you're always like:

    4. And sometimes you have to reveal your plans to them just so that they'll leave you alone.

    5. Every now and then you do get FOMO.

    6. So you convince yourself to go out under the proviso that you won't drink or will leave early.

    7. But as soon as you step outside you regret the entire idea almost instantly.

    "This is a mistake" -I whisper as I leave my house

    8. Because how are you supposed to spend time with people if you can't even hear them?

    9. Or when strangers are drunkenly bumping into you every five seconds?

    10. Still, you don't want to be a party pooper, so you always TRY to at least look like you're having a good time.

    11. But as soon as it's an acceptable hour you start making plans to leave.

    You can find me in the club, asking everyone I came with if they're ready to leave yet.

    12. Because you need to get your goddamn eight hours.

    13. You need to be able to function like a proper human being the next day.

    14. You will not tolerate having another post-night-out existential crisis.

    15. For you, not going out at night is the sacrifice you're willing to make so that you can actually enjoy your days.

    16. Besides, your body just cant handle going out the way it used to.

    17. Time has changed you.

    No definition changes more as you get older than that of the word "party"

    18. Your plans are no longer like everyone else's.

    alone eating cheese so you know it's saturday night

    19. And that's more than okay — it's fucking great.