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    19 Slightly Gross Habits Every Low-Maintenance Girly Girl Is Guilty Of

    You like to look pretty, but you're also pretty gross.

    1. Having a cluttered and slightly dirty makeup bag.

    2. Rarely cleaning your makeup brushes.

    3. And your beauty blenders.

    4. Never putting lids back on makeup, which means you end up with debris-ridden products like this.

    5. Using dry shampoo to put off washing your hair for as long as possible.

    6. Wearing expired makeup.

    7. And underwear with holes in.

    8. Never tidying your room.

    9. Wearing the same bra over and over again.

    10. And smelling clothes you've picked up from the floor, to determine if they're clean enough to wear.

    11. Overusing a razor – even when it's clogged with gross, wet hair.

    12. Sleeping with your makeup on and getting it all over your sheets.

    13. And then using whatever is left on your face the next day as your base for fresh makeup.

    When you sleep with you makeup on and the next morning it still looks good.

    14. Wiping facial secretions with your sleeve or worse, on your hair.

    15. Leaving your discarded hairs on the mirror:

    16. Picking off your dried mascara and rolling it in clumps.

    17. And peeling off your gel or nail polish and leaving them in bits on the floor or table.

    18. Not removing the hair from your hairbrush.

    19. And wearing the same earrings for months on end until they get clogged with earhole gunk.