25 Things You'll Only Know If You Were A Student In Brighton

    Sussex, Brighton, BSMS, BIMM – wherever you went, Brighton was the best place to be a student.

    1. Everyone you knew lived around Lewes and Upper Lewes Road.

    2. But if you lived in Hanover you would never hear the end of it.

    3. When your parents came to visit you'd always take them to North Laine.

    4. But if you were eating without the parents, the best and cheapest eat was always to be found at Pompoko.

    5. Most of the people you met were actually from London.

    6. Which many people weren't so happy about...

    7. The bit of summer you had before you went back home was exactly when you were meant to be studying.

    8. And because Brighton is at its best in the summer, you made the most of every one by drinking copious amounts of Pimm's at the beachside bars.

    9. It seemed like every week there was a new club opening or closing.

    10. But you could always rely on getting a cheap drink from the Pav Tav or Casablanca's.

    11. Energies were always somewhat reserved for Sports Night, where you would drink WKDs on offer and boo your rival university during their shout-out from the DJ.

    12. But that was nothing compared to the anarchy of West Street on the weekends.

    Upside down traffic cone = public toilet, west street logic! #Brighton

    Just another reason why there wasn't any point in going out on the weekends.

    13. A night out was never complete without a trip to Buddies or the Market Diner.

    14. At some point or the other you visited the Brighton Pier and made your housemate take this photo:

    15. But you hardly stepped foot in Hove or Kemp Town.

    Unless you were a BSMS or BIMM student. Otherwise you didn't really explore either place until after you graduated. You know, when you actually had money.

    16. You'd venture into Taj at least once, mainly out of sheer curiosity.

    17. But you did your actual shopping at the Lewes Road Sainsbury's, or, if you wanted to make a real evening of it – the 24-hour Asda at Brighton Marina.

    18. To feel like you were totally out of town, Devil's Dyke or Lewes were the places to be – especially for the fireworks.

    19. But there was nothing quite like watching the Brighton Pride Parade.

    You'd drink while watching it from someone's windowsill.

    20. You learned pretty quickly to accept strange things as just everyday occurrences.

    21. But there were so many times you'd mutter to yourself or to someone else, "Only in Brighton."

    22. Your graduation ceremony was probably held here.

    23. And you probably headed to the Royal Pavilion afterwards to take the obligatory "YAY I GRADUATED" photo in the gardens.

    24. If you left after graduation, it was bloody sad because Brighton has everything – the sea, gorgeous countryside, and fantastic nightlife.

    25. But if you stayed, you got to continue enjoying one of the best places in England, even if it meant being surrounded by students who have no idea how good they have it.