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19 Things You'll Only Get If You Hate Dating But Also Kinda Love It

You have a love-hate relationship with Tinder.

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10. Even if you've been on a lot of dates, you still get nervous.

Her: you ok? Me: just nervous, I don't date much Her: you're doing fine [I go to take a drink, but It's the candle & I set my face on fire]

11. Because you're always hyper-aware of how you might be coming across to your date.

DATE: so are u democrat or republican ME: why don't we save that convo for later haha [googling under the table "what is demmacrat"]


13. You're often frustrated by all of the game-playing in dating.

HOT TIP: wait to reply to his text until you no longer care if he lives or dies

15. Although that never seems to last long...

[I send a message] Lol I am so funny and clever [45 seconds without response] God dammit what have I done?

Self-doubt and dating go hand in hand.


17. Until of course, you're at that weird stage with someone where you don't know what the fuck is going on.

you say potato, I say where is this relationship going

19. But no matter how many times you reach that point, all it takes is one glimmer of hope to get you back in the game.

It may be shit, but it will all be worth it* when** you meet that special someone***.

*no it won't


***hahahahahahhahahahahahhaah special my arse