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    21 Things You'll Only Get If You're Slightly Obsessed With Baths

    Bath time is the best time.

    1. There's no feeling that can match when you plunge into a steaming bath.

    It's like your whole body is being massaged.

    2. And while some people relax on the couch, the bath is where you unwind after a hard day.

    3. So you might listen to a little music...

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    4. ...light some candles...


    5. ...and treat yo' self to something indulgent.

    6. And you're certainly not above a "few" bubbles.

    7. Or too old for a good ol' bath bomb.

    8. People often take the piss out of you for your indulgent bath-time rituals.

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    "All this just to wash??".

    9. Because they can seem rather sensual.

    10. But you couldn't care less about what others think.

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    11. You just don't understand people who dislike baths or prefer showers.

    12. Because why would you stand up when you can lie down?

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    And drink champagne like a boss.

    13. Anything that can take your bath experience to the next level is high on your shopping list.

    14. And you have loads of ideas for your perfect bathroom.

    15. You hate staying in places where the tub is just not up to scratch.


    16. So when you choose hotels or Airbnbs, the first thing you look at is how fancy the bath is.

    Remee Patel

    17. In fact, you have a bath bucket list.

    18. The tub is where you can actually think the clearest.

    19. Where you can properly multitask.

    20. Where you can melt away all of the stresses of daily life and really appreciate what you have.

    21. It's your happy place.

    Bath time is the best time.

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