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19 Things That Are Way Too Real If You Grew Up Ugly

You practically lived in the friend zone.

1. Whenever a hot person approached you, it was for only one reason.

2. And you practically lived in the friend zone.

3. Basically, having a crush growing up was just the WORST.

4. Your hot friends got all of the attention.

5. So you spent a lot of your time being the third wheel.

6. It was as if people didn't realise you existed.

Umm, rude much?


AHAHAHAHAHA #GrowingUpUgly I was on the left

8. You often complained to your parents like:

9. Yet they always tried their hardest to make you feel better.

10. But no matter what they said, the words just never rang true.

11. In fact, it just got plain annoying after a while.

12. Anything could make you question how you look.

13. But if a miracle happened and you managed to take a good picture, the world had to know about it.

*takes one good selfie* *posts on all social media accounts, makes wallpaper, sends to friends, prints out and frames, emails to obama*

14. However growing up ugly, has made you develop a really good sense of humour.

15. And you've developed somewhat of a thick skin.

People rarely faze you now.

16. When you look back, you feel awful when you remember times when you yourself judged people by the way they looked.

17. Because you've blossomed since your school days, when pictures from your past resurface, people cannot believe it's really you.

18. And it's really satisfying to bump into someone from back in the day, when you know you look hot AF.

19. But perhaps most satisfying of all, is finally knowing that you are beautiful, inside and out.

Ain't no shame in being proud of who you were and who you've become.