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19 Things You Only People Who Eat Constantly Know To Be True

"I'll stop eating now or it'll send me over the edge" — you, literally never.

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2. So you never quite know your limits.

Parmesan Sir? "Yes please" Say when. *Grates Parmesan* Sir? "..." *Grates fingers* SIR? "..." *Grates entire hand* Please...I have a family.

4. A food baby so big, it renders you incapable of leaving a restaurant.

guys find it sexy when a girl eats so much she has to lie down in the restaurant


8. You're never alone during pregnancy, your friends all have food babies too.

Instagram: @buttsmcgeezer

9. Although some of them have real babies.

she has a real baby i have a food baby

12. Even when you're practically bursting from fullness, you always manage to fit in that little bit more.

I ate too much. This ice cream is making me feel better about it, though.

Because dessert doesn't count.