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    18 Things You'll Only Know If You're Not A Morning Person

    "Morning sleephead!" FUCK OFF.

    1. When bae texts you something nice, but it's ass-early.

    2. Because bae is a morning person and does not understand that you are not.

    He's not a morning person like me😅

    3. Or worse, when someone sends you a "wake up" text.

    Lol someone's not a morning person :( @KatieBeaton5

    4. Because anyone who tries to wake you up is your immediate enemy.

    5. Especially these kinds of people.

    6. When you feel regretful about how you reacted.

    7. When you set your alarm knowing very well you're gonna snooze them all.

    8. When you know you have to get up and you think life is cruel and unfair.

    9. When you're the only one that isn't excited for the trip because you had to get up early.

    grace still not a morning person 👶🏼👦🏼😒

    10. When someone goes on about how beautiful the morning is.


    11. And tries to have a conversation with you and you're not even fully awake yet.


    12. When all you want to do is drink your coffee in peace.

    13. Because otherwise:

    14. When someone sees you before 10am.


    15. Because you're barely alive in the morning.

    16. When you enounter a morning person.

    Warner Bros

    17. And realise there are just two types of people in this world.

    18. When you realise you've always, always been this way.

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