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    Posted on Oct 8, 2015

    21 Things Women Who Do Their Makeup On Public Transport Know To Be True

    You've definitely thought: "Can't the bus just stop while I do my eyeliner?"

    1. In the morning, you want as much time in bed as you can possibly get.


    2. So either by choice, or because you're always running late, you do your make-up on the commute.

    When u wake up late and have to do ur makeup on the bus

    3. Which is totally fine if you get a seat.

    4. But not so much if you don't.

    “@OMGtrolls: When the bus driver slams on the brakes ” @anika_pearson the guard bus, while putting makeup on

    5. Whatever the case may be, you'll find a way to get the job done.

    6. Even though you know you may get a few stares.

    7. If you get a little tray table, it can actually be a rather relaxing process.

    8. But if you don't, balancing all of your shit can be a bit of a challenge.

    9. So inevitably things can go wrong.

    The errors of doing makeup on the bus before work : ( #makeupproblems #whatgirlshavetodealwith

    10. So very wrong.

    when you try to do your makeup in the bus but the glitter falls -.- #cheerproblems

    11. Other people on your commute always seem to find it fascinating, so you often catch them looking at you in awe.

    12. Although many stares are simply people fearing for your life.

    People that do their makeup on the train make me so nervous! You're gonna poke your eye out!

    13. But it's all good, because you know they are about to witness a fabulous transformation take place.

    Dreamworks / Via

    14. You're used to stopping and starting your make-up a lot.

    15. And because you're in public, everyone can see the weird faces you make.

    16. Not to mention when things go a bit awry.

    17. Yet although the staring can be fucking annoying, you know you're also guilty of doing the exact same.

    18. But there's a deep sense of respect for others who do their make-up on their commute.

    19. Because it's a highly skilled job.

    20. It's a dangerous job.

    Been watching this lady poke herself in the eye everytime the train hits a bump for 20 minutes.

    21. But in the end, one that always* gets you to your destination looking like a fucking queen.

    *Well, it's 50/50 really.

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