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20 Kids Who Gave Absolutely Zero F*cks

These kids are more YOLO than we ever could be.

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1. This kid who dreamed big.

2. This kid who went full-on PIMP DADDY for his old-time family photo.

3. This school that wanted to make its sponsorship memorable.

4. This kid who didn't give a fuck about niceties.

5. This kid who dared to dream.

"Get a fat cat and Make it Be Mine."

"Get a fat cat and Make it Be Mine."

6. This kid whose company we all want to work for someday.

7. This kid who knows that haters are gon' hate.

8. These kids with their simple but sound advice for the elderly.

9. The kids who were set loose on this poor dalmatian.

10. This kid who just wanted a nice, pleasant bike ride.

11. This little brother absolutely killing the selfie game.

12. This kid who will go to any length for love.


14. This baby who just wants to nap, so fuck off.

15. And this baby who will nap where they please.

16. These kids who will dedicate any spare moment to sleeping.

17. This baby with the best poker face you'll ever see.

18. This kid who should probably be in Game of Thrones.

19. These kids who will do anything for a snow day.

20. And this kid who will not be tamed by the system.