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    16 Hostel Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Stay At Home Forever

    Sun, sex, and shitting in mugs.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the worst thing they've ever seen while staying in a hostel. Here are their horrible tales...

    1. The Sex Show

    "Stayed in a hostel in NZ once, I was on the top bunk and my friend was on the bottom. At about 4am, two of our dorm mates rolled in drunk and proceeded to try and have sex in the middle of an 8-bed dorm. There's nothing quite like listening to the drunken fumbling of a guy struggling to get it in. The best bit was when they eventually succeeded and starting doing it doggy style, leaning on my friend's bed, and him whispering up to me 'What do I do?!'

    Putting the lights on and giving a round of applause was enough to make them remember they weren't in a private room!"

    –submitted by ldm1905

    2. The Terrifying Tampon

    "The only time I’ve ever stayed in a hostel was when I was visiting New York City with some friends during my year studying abroad. I was only sharing a room with one of my friends, but there were only two shared bathrooms on each floor, which were full of people pretty much constantly. I was standing in the queue waiting to shower one morning while a few other girls were doing their hair and makeup in the bathroom mirror, most of them just wearing towels. I was just minding my own business when one of them suddenly reached down between her legs, pulled out her tampon, and dangled it in front of her face to inspect it. I was horrified, didn’t know where to look, and have never stayed in a place with a shared bathroom since."

    –submitted by Ellie Bate

    3. The Three Little Pig Legs

    "My older brother and I were staying at this shitty hostel in Spain during our Europe road trip. While putting our clothes in the closet, my brother noticed something blocking one of the drawers. It was a plastic bag with THREE FUCKING PIG LEGS IN IT. Some psycho had apparently decided to cut off a pig's legs (and apparently just three of them) and put them in a goddamn plastic bag that he later put inside the drawer, still completely covered in blood.

    We put our clothes back in the suitcase and we checked out. Never again."

    –submitted by irenembr

    4. The Nightmare on Elm Feet

    "Middle of night, Singapore, 24-person mixed dorm and we're awoken by a girl screaming. She screams and screams, but somehow it's off key? People leap from their bunks, someone turns the light on, we all breathlessly turn to see who is assaulting this woman and prepare to attack him and... she's asleep.

    Turns out she was having a nightmare about a man eating her feet."

    –submitted by l48769c367

    5. The Sexy Time By The Sinks

    "In a hostel in Berlin I walked in to some people having sex, fully nude, on the floor of the ladies room. Not in a stall, not behind the shower curtain, but in the open space where the sinks were.

    I brushed my teeth in the men's room that night."

    –submitted by Anke Vriwane, Facebook

    6. The Bold Burglar

    "I was in a hostel in Hong Kong and one of the dudes who worked there stole my clothes and then wore them around the hostel. Totally bizarre."

    –submitted by Tanya Egloff, Facebook

    7. La Cucharacha

    "I was staying in a hostel in a beach town in Costa Rica. We were really tired the first night from traveling so I headed to bed early, I was on the top bunk and my best friend on the bottom. Just as I was starting to fall asleep I felt a kind of light smack on my face, I quickly turned on my cellphone light and found a massive cockroach in my bed. The cockroach had fallen on to MY FACE. Needless to say for the rest of the night I slept with my top sheet over my face and tucked in all around me."

    –submitted by merbear92

    8. The Ice Hostel

    "I was in a hostel in Iceland that didn't have heat.

    It was November. In Iceland."

    –submitted by Kimberly Webb, Facebook

    9. The Shitty Coffee

    "Once I was going to my favorite hostel in Thessaloniki (Greece). I woke up early, and as it was winter and snowing, I wanted to make myself a cup of coffee. I come to the kitchen and I see that someone has filled up a coffee mug with shit. Like someone just shit in a coffee mug and left it on the counter."

    –submitted by gabsfever

    10. The Cat With The Rat

    "I was staying in a hostel in Guatemala that had a pet cat. I befriended the cat early in that day and then left to go explore the city. When I got back later that night, I went back to my bunk and there were already a few people asleep so I didn't turn the light on. I got in my bed and I felt something under my covers, thinking it was the cat, I started petting it. I quickly realized it was a bit smaller than the cat so I shone my phone light on it. Turns out it was a huge dead rat that the cat had brought me. To make things worse the guy at the front desk didn't believe me and wouldn't come up to investigate..."

    –submitted by emilys182

    11. The Sexy Shower

    "In our all-girls hostel room in a town in Australia the dorm had a walk-in bathroom, so you could see the sinks from your bunk and just round the corner were the showers. There were a couple of strange girls staying in our room as well as a bunch of others. One evening, one of the strange girls got something big and purple out of her locker and announced she was going for a shower. About 5 minutes later there was uncontrollable moaning and heavy breathing coming from the showers, and at that moment me and my friend realised the thing she got from her locker must have been a fat vibrator.

    Everyone was sat on their beds not making eye contact and trying so hard not to laugh as her friend was still in the room too, acting as though nothing was happening. It was the weirdest moment ever and we all died laughing once they finally left the room."

    –submitted by louisaf49436f406

    12. The Five-Minute Fool-around

    "I was staying in a hostel in the centre of Barcelona, in a twelve-person dorm. On my second night I got woken up because two people decided to have sex in the room. Saddest thing: it didn't last more than five minutes and we all witnessed the girl's disappointment."

    –Submitted by laurakorn04

    13. The Regurgitating Roommate

    "I was staying one night in a hostel in Athens before meeting a friend on Crete. In the night, a girl vomited all over herself in her bed and didn't get up to clean herself. The entire room smelled of alcohol and vomit, and was impossible to sleep in."

    –submitted by Shelby Springer, Facebook

    14. The Dried Fish

    "I was staying in a 12-bed dorm in Auckland during the height of summer with no air con. So the room was already quite smelly and stuffy. Came back to the dorm one day, as I walked through I could smell a strange smell. Anyway, I go into the dorm room, and some guy was drying a FISH out on the windowsill. So I brushed it off the windowsill down onto the street! The room continued to smell for days after until I was eventually able to move rooms!"

    – submitted by j4482e2dd9

    15. The Roommate

    "My first hostel experience was in Prague. I was already nervous because I had previously watched the movie 'Hostel' before I went abroad. So I walk into the room that I'm sharing with seven other people and immediately see a 12-inch blade on this dude's bed. I question if I want to even be in the city anymore but eventually I decide to just stick it out. Fast forward two days, I'm still alive, but it's 3am and I hear this rustling next to me. The man with the 12-inch blade is pulling cocaine out of his bag and starts snorting it on the table next to MY bed. dances around in our room all night high on cocaine and I'm just like 'When can I get out of here???'

    Dude didn't leave the hostel in the 4 days that I stayed there so not sure what his intentions were in Prague. Hope he's doing well."

    –submitted by hannahs498d8af1a

    16. The Stranger By The Window

    "Me and five girlfriends were staying in a hostel in Amsterdam with three random British guys in the same room. I got the 'honor' of staying in a bunk bed with one of the random guys. It was the middle of the night and I couldn't sleep so I was trying to get comfortable in the upper bunk when this guy started screaming 'STOP IT STOP IT NOOOW'. I got so scared I didn't move at all for like two hours but I was wide awake. The next day I asked him about it and he couldn't remember a thing, but then all the other people in the room said that they saw him standing by the window. I couldn't see the window but I know he didn't get up out of bed... who was the mystery person in our room?"

    –submitted by jenniferk492590f1e

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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