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    Feb 3, 2015

    The 21 Worst Moments From Kids' Parties Every Brit Will Remember

    Pass the f**king parcel.

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    1. When you arrived late and everyone was playing without you.

    2. When you were completely ignored by the birthday kid.

    3. Making it all suddenly clear you were the pity invite.

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    4. Or when you got stuck with that kid no one wanted to hang out with.

    5. When you got an empty layer on Pass the Parcel.

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    6. Or worse, a fucking forfeit.

    7. When you were "unfairly" ruled to be out of musical statues.

    8. When your "mate" knocked you off a musical chair at the last minute.

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    9. When you pinned the tail so far off the donkey.

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    10. Or just generally when all the games were rigged in favour of the birthday kid.



    11. When your sworn enemy got picked to be the entertainer's assistant.


    You win this time James. You win this time.

    12. Or worse, when the entertainer was A FUCKING CLOWN.


    13. When you gave the worst present because your parents wanted to be practical.

    Disney/Pixar / Via Pinterest

    14. When the adults wouldn't UNWRAP THE FOOD.

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    15. When the party food did not include party rings/jelly and ice cream/sausage rolls.

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    16. When this happened.


    Deflation of bouncy castle = deflation of your childhood hopes and dreams.

    17. When your parents picked you up early.

    BBC / Via

    This is payback for when I ruined your lie-in Dad, isn't it?

    18. When you ended up with a runt party bag that everyone had nicked from.

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    19. Or when you didn't get a party bag at all.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Who even does that?

    20. But NOTHING was worse than not being invited in the first place.

    21. And you weren't at all consumed by bitterness when it was the hot topic at school on Monday.

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