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    19 Texts Every British Asian Has Received From Their Parents

    "I got 92% on my exam!" "Is that good."

    1. When their plans are automatically your plans.

    2. When you're going on holiday:

    3. When your mum is trying to be subtle about her matchmaking:

    4. And when she isn't subtle at all:

    5. When they run out of the essentials:

    6. When it's exam time:

    7. And when you finally get your results.

    8. When they need a really important favour:

    9. When you're letting them know you'll be home late:

    10. When you just didn't fancy aloo gobi that day:

    11. When it's Sunday. Morning.

    12. And when they blatantly lie about the time:

    13. When they really hope you'll see sense about the whole law school thing:

    14. When they don't understand the job you've had for five years:

    15. When you consider moving out:

    16. When they go to visit the family back home:

    17. When they brag about your cousins:

    18. When you get good news but nobody must know:

    19. When you've pissed them off so they start rhyming: