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20 Orgasms All British People Have Had

That's it, HIT MY TEA-SPOT!

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1. Pulling your biscuit out of your tea at exactly the right moment.

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2. Nabbing the seats in the pub just before someone else.

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3. When the tube doors stop exactly in front of you.

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4. When the weather forecast is sunny for three days in a row.

5. When the weather forecast predicted rain but it's actually sunny.

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6. Whenever the sun comes out in general.

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7. Eating a 99 with a Flake.

8. Getting a dirt cheap RETURN flight to somewhere in Europe.

9. Hearing an old skool garage CHOON come on that you haven't heard in ages.

10. Having just enough toast left to mop up the bean juice from your fry-up.

11. Every time you have a Yorkshire pudding.

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12. When you're starving and you spot your Nando's order coming your way.

13. The taste of your first Pimm's of the summer.

14. When there's an M&S at a service station.


15. When a queue is swift and orderly.

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16. Tucking into a kebab at 3am absolutely off your tits.

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17. Stumbling across a cosy pub with a fire when it's absolutely pissing it down.

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18. Remembering it's a bank holiday weekend and you've got an extra day in bed.

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19. Buying a round and finding you still have change from a tenner.

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20. When mostly just whensomeone makes you a bloody good cuppa.

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