19 Pictures That Prove Kids Are Better Than Us All

    "I am thankful for all of the dead people because at least they tried."

    1. Kids, they're smarter than we all give them credit for.

    2. Wise beyond their years, really.

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    3. They understand what's important in life.

    4. And they know just how to ask for what they want.

    5. They are bold.

    Greatest. Costume. Ever. This kid is going places!

    6. And they do not live in fear.

    7. Their aspirations are quite simply, commendable.

    8. And they're not afraid to work hard in order to get there.

    9. They're inquisitive.

    10. And see things we can never see.

    11. Their logic is flawless.

    12. And their humour is just so spot on.

    13. Even if it's unintentional.

    14. They are also capable of the sickest, sickest burns.

    15. Because they value the truth above all else.

    16. They don't even know how their innocence and purity can make our day.

    17. And that all of the wonderfully weird things they do are completely magnificent.

    18. Kids, they are just little heroes.

    19. And they are just far, far too precious for this earth.