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    19 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Make Up Addicts

    Broken bronzer = broken dreams.

    1. When you have to wash your make up brushes.

    Darrial / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    2. And your hand after a browse around MAC.

    3. When you see someone with bad application skills and you can't think about anything else.

    4. Because make up is literally your life.

    report due? watch makeup tutorial ur boyfriend cheated on u? watch makeup tutorial ur life is falling apart? watch makeup tutorial

    5. When people complain that wearing make up is basically a lie.


    6. But then you're like:


    7. When you can't be flexible with your time.

    when foundation is £35 I can't afford for people to cancel plans

    8. When you're running late and have to do your makeup on-the-go.

    9. When you go in the shop to buy one specific thing, but end up with three new lipsticks.

    10. When this tragic, tragic thing happens:

    When u open up ur bronzer and find it broken into a million pieces so ur heart is broken into a million pieces too

    11. And you have to salvage what you can by smushing broken bits of make up together.

    12. Because it costs so much damn money to replace.

    Why does looking this good have be so fucking expensive?

    13. When you skin starts to feel the effect of all your products.

    14. Because you will redo your eyeliner as many times as it takes to get it looking on point.

    how it feels when you have to redo your eyeliner 52 times

    15. So it's safe to say your time-keeping isn't so great.

    16. When you get make up stains everywhere and you look dirty AF.

    17. When the store runs out of the product you've travelled across town for.

    Oxygen / Via

    18. But you have to put a hold on your emotions.


    19. And wait for the worst part of your day.

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