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19 Struggles Every Girl Has During The Summer

Chub rub and boob sweat every goddamn day.

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2. And yet never really achieving proper smoothness.

I hate how I have to shave my legs like every other day cause it's summer...they're never as smooth as they are when I wait a while 😔


4. And doing your best not to wipe the sweat off because we all know what happens...

Sweating leads to brow wiping which leads to no eyebrows. #summerproblems

5. And going down the waterproof route is more hassle than it's worth.

Whoever originally said 'nothing is impossible' clearly never tried to remove waterproof mascara.

6. Sloughing off all of the dead nastiness of your previously unexposed feet.

7. And trying to remove the nail polish that you've had on your toes since winter.

8. Attempting to wash off that weird, sticky dirt off your feet that you get when you've been wearing flip flops all day.

10. And having your thighs chafe constantly whenever you wear a dress or skirt.

11. Speaking of skirts, have you ever succeeded sitting on grass gracefully whilst wearing one?


12. Not being able to wear your hair down, because neck sweat.

13. And because humidity.

It's 9:00 am and my hair already looks like this. #summer #Dubai #humidity #SummerProblems #UAE #friends #weather

15. Attempting to tame your lady garden for bikini wearing.

16. And regularly monitoring whether your lady bits have popped out of your bikini.

17. Constantly trying to do damage control with weird tanlines.

19. Although dealing with bra straps is possibly the biggest struggle of all.

A bra strap on a sun burn is top ten worst feelings


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