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    24 Things You Know If You're Always Hosting Dinner Parties

    "Just bring yourself!" Translation: Bring booze or you're never coming back.

    1. As someone who is quite house-proud you love having people over.

    2. And friends love coming to yours because you always go the extra mile when hosting them.

    3. Hosting your friends means you get to get to test out recipes on them.

    4. And show off your latest DIY project.

    5. Because you're always trying to test something new, you've had your fair share of accidents in the kitchen.

    6. And even though you host dinner parties on the regular, you still manage to get a little bit stressed when cooking.

    7. So you're no stranger to a little pre-booze boozing.

    8. When you leave people to decide what snacks to bring, you end up with seven kinds of houmous.

    9. And the person who brings the fancy one will have a special place in your heart.

    10. To ensure more snack variety though, you've learnt to be upfront with what you might need.

    11. But most of the time, there's just one thing you're happy for guests to bring.

    12. Even when you tell guests not to bringing anything, you’ll think it’s bad manners if they show up empty-handed.

    13. Because you've gone to the effort of taking three hours to make something Jamie Oliver told you would take 30 minutes.

    14. As people arrive bit by bit, the booze will start flowing, fast.

    15. And you'll worry that you won't have enough to last the night.

    16. Your guests will be really impressed with your spread and even more impressed with its arrangement.

    17. And you'll feel really pleased with yourself...until the inevitable fuck up.

    18. But no matter how bad your cooking is, your friends will always be complimentary.

    19. And you'll relax a little and realise it's all perfectly fine.

    20. When everyone's stomachs have settled, you'll initiate some sort of dinner party game.

    21. And you'll be amazed at how much booze you've all managed to get through.

    22. When everyone's planning to leave you'll feel smug AF that you're already home.

    23. But then suddenly you'll remember the horrific aftermath of the wonderful evening you've just hosted.

    24. But it's always worth it to look after your friends and feel like a proper adult with their shit together.