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24 Things You Know If You're Always Hosting Dinner Parties

"Just bring yourself!" Translation: Bring booze or you're never coming back.

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12. Even when you tell guests not to bringing anything, you’ll think it’s bad manners if they show up empty-handed.

13. Because you've gone to the effort of taking three hours to make something Jamie Oliver told you would take 30 minutes.

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15. And you'll worry that you won't have enough to last the night.

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Thank god for the shop down the road.

17. And you'll feel really pleased with yourself...until the inevitable fuck up.


"It's not meant to look like this!" "Shit I hope it's not overdone" "Sorry I normally make this better" you say over and over again frantically.

20. When everyone's stomachs have settled, you'll initiate some sort of dinner party game.

21. And you'll be amazed at how much booze you've all managed to get through.


24. But it's always worth it to look after your friends and feel like a proper adult with their shit together.


Even though it's just an illusion, you definitely don't have your shit together.

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