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17 Secretly Gross Things Every Girl Has Done

*Wears the same damn bra every day so never gets to wash it*

1. Picked off your mascara until you're surrounded by little black crusty remnants.

2. Worn the same tampon or pad much longer than you were supposed to.

3. Worn the same old greying bra for over a week without washing it.

4. And fished crumbs out of it.

5. Used a beauty product that's been missing a lid for ages and has been contaminated with bits of fluff and pencil sharpenings.

6. Dug out the dirt underneath your nails with your nails and flicked the grey sludge onto the floor.

7. Picked dry skin/corns on your toes.

8. Not washed your makeup brushes for ages.

9. Not washed your hair for days, even when you've exercised.

10. Picked off your nail polish and left the bits in a pile somewhere.

11. Picked out your mascara gloop and marvelled at it.

12. Re-worn a sweaty sports bra.

13. Squeezed and picked at an ingrown hair.

14. Shared or borrowed mascara.

15. Worn makeup you know is really fucking old and should have been thrown out ages ago.

16. Marvelled at all of the gunk on a pore strip and been extremely dissatisfied if nothing comes out.

17. Played with your pubes.