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    7 Things To Try If You've Already Broken Your New Year's Resolution

    Because I know I have!!!!

    If you're reading this, you, like me, have probably already broken one or more New Year's resolutions.

    1. Be honest about your goals (and yourself), and adjust them to make them more realistic.

    2. And once you've re-established your goals, think about how you actually want to go about achieving them.

    3. Think about why you may have broken your resolution and how you really feel about it, then move on.

    4. And when you're ready, get back on the horse.

    5. Find a friend with the same goal or tie your goal to something enjoyable.

    6. Consider setting goals at other times of the year, rather than just at New Year's.

    7. Or maybe don't make a big deal out of resolutions at all.