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    Relationships In Your Head Vs. Relationships In Real Life

    Love is real, far too real.

    1. In your head: You'll meet bae somewhere completely random, your eyes will meet from across the room, and you'll just have an instant connection.

    In real life: You'll meet bae on Tinder and you'll have an instant connection after copious amounts of alcohol.

    2. In your head: You will fall for them the moment they do something death-defying or courageous for you.

    In real life: You'll fall for them when you are hungry and they make you FOOD.

    3. In your head: You'll seduce bae with your sweet, sexy moves.

    In real life: You've only got one move and it's jumping their bones.

    4. In your head: A lazy sunday morning with bae is fluffy duvets, rain pattering on the window and croissants and coffee.

    In real life: You're both in trackies, hungover as fuck and eating leftover pizza.

    5. In your head: Bae will be overly concerned when they find out you're ill.

    In real life: Bae will just want to know when they're able to go near you again.

    6. In your head: You want bae to be obsessed with you, thinking about you every minute of every day.

    In real life: It's actually bloody creepy and you would run a fucking mile if they ever admitted they actually do that.

    7. In your head: The first time they will say those three magical words they will burst into tears and it will be beautiful.

    In real life: They'll be drunk out of their fucking mind and those three words will be barely audible.

    8. In your head: Breaking up will be dramatic and intense, THE WORLD JUST DOESN'T WANT YOU GUYS TO BE TOGETHER.

    In real life: Breaking up will be awkward and one of you won't take it very well.

    9. In your head: Your ex will come back groveling, saying how no one matches up to you.

    In real life: They're already back on Tinder and they've got plenty of matches, actually.

    10. In your head: Making up will be bae running over to your house in the pouring rain to deliver the most poetic speech about how they will regret their decision for the rest of their life.

    In real life: Bae will show up drunk, saying they were "confused" because they realise they can't actually do any better than you.

    11. In your head: Bae and your ex absolutely hate each other because they are both madly in love with you.

    In real life: They bond over your "quirks" and get on just fine, actually.

    12. In your head: You will be proposed to in the most romantic and impromptu way, bae just cannot bear to see you betrothed to someone else!

    In real life: You will spend 20 minutes trying to take a selfie mid-proposal and then you'll spend the afternoon liking congratulatory Facebook posts.

    But that's all OK because it's real, and real love is what truly matters.