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21 Feel-Good Tweets About Dogs That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, Or Both

"My grandma is in the hospital right now and wanted to see her dog. So I made it look like I was carrying a baby and we made it"

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1. The concerned yet inattentive mom:

2. The pickup dog:

My dad brings my dog in the back of his truck everywhere and he fucking left her there getting his car fixed

3. The birthday buddies:

We were taking pictures of my dad for his birthday and then my dog did this 😭😭 truly mans best friend

4. The hot hiker:

my brother and his girlfriend took their dog hiking and the ground was too hot so this happened

5. The unfortunate haircut:

We just wanted to give him a summer haircut and they give us this

6. The nervous patient:

@ the vet this man is trying to comfort his nervous dog. All he keeps saying is "you're my best boy I'll make sure…

7. The tired pup:

8. The scientist dog:

One of my teammates has a dog in her Chem lab.. he's also required to wear goggles during lab

9. The promposal:

"Prom with you would be Pawfect" 💗🐶

10. The grateful recipient:

so my mom accidentally ordered an xs dog bed but he's still grateful..

11. The adorable flower-pup:

my lil pup was sad in her cone after surgery, so my mom spiced it up a lil

12. The courier service:

Asked me mum if she could bring my charger down stairs, she replied "shout the dog"

13. The pregnancy shoot:

My bestfriend is 8 weeks pregnant so we decided to do a maternity photo shoot 🌸🐶

14. The ideal haircut:

My dog's ear is like the perfect picture to show your hairdresser if you want beachy waves and caramel highlights

15. The proud pup:

My sister took her grad photos with our dog and I have never seen any dog look this proud of herself for graduating…

16. The surprise disguise:

My grandma is in the hospital right now and wanted to see her dog. So I made it look like I was carrying a baby and…

17. The dogs in bags:

the New York City Subway banned dogs unless they fit in a bag and the people of New York did not disappoint.

18. The jealous doggo:

I swear I think I just captured my dog figuring out that I'm pregnant. He's pissed

19. And the humble one:

I was jammin HUMBLE and my dog sat down when he heard Kendrick say "sit down" and is now waiting for his treat

20. The cute misunderstanding:

my mom thought furrycon was a pet event and volunteered w our therapy dog 😆

21. And the telepathic, supportive doggo: