19 Times Mums Were A Goddamn Gift To The Internet

    They just don't know how funny and cute they are.

    1. When this mum thought the worst of her child.

    2. And when this mum was also quick to make assumptions.

    3. When this mum needed to discuss something urgently.

    4. When this mum decided to be savage AF.

    5. Although perhaps not as savage as this one.

    6. When this mum just wanted to show how much she missed her son.

    7. And when this mum wanted to send a friendly reminder from home.

    8. When this thoughtful mum sent her daughter a bookmark she would never lose ever again.

    9. And when this mum came to support her kids at school.

    10. When this mum didn't want her travelling son to miss out on all of the family fun.

    11. When this mum just didn't look hard enough.

    12. And when this mum just didn't pay enough attention.

    13. When this mum proved you should never be friends with your parents on Facebook.

    14. And that all mums should be banned from technology.


    15. When this mum was just a little bit overprotective.

    16. When this mum got just a tad confused.

    17. Although not as confused as this mum.

    18. When this mum gave some very useful advice to her nervous daughter.

    19. And when this mum was simply the cutest mum of all time.