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19 Things Everyone With Naturally Thick Eyebrows Knows To Be True

Your eyebrows are on fleek, but grow back within a week.

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1. Having thick eyebrows means there's no need for fakery.

2. So people are always jealous of how on fleek they are.

I wish I had good thick eyebrows so I could shape them and not have to draw them on😩

3. But getting them shaped can be fucking tedious.

4. Especially if you have to do it yourself.

When you can't afford to get your eyebrows done so you have to spend 40 mins plucking them..πŸ’ƒπŸ˜­πŸ˜­ #notevenexaggerating #thickeyebrowproblems


5. Which may require several different instruments because damn, those hairs are just so unruly.

7. Because your eyebrows love to make everything so difficult.

When the lady's thread breaks when she's threading your eye brows.. That's when you know #StrongBrowGame

8. And you know when these come out shit must be serious.

9. It doesn't matter what kind of hair removal method you use, it just never seems to last long.

10. And it's certainly never pain-free.

11. But you tolerate it because they just look so fucking good afterward.

13. Grooming your brows takes priority over everything else.

14. Because otherwise you know what can happen.

When you don't do your eyebrows for a while and they end up lookin like

16. So you have to grow them out, which is just THE WORST.

Just me growing my eyebrows out x x


17. But even though your thick eyebrows are high maintenance.

I don't do my eyebrows for two days and it looks like I have a forest on my face. #thickeyebrowproblems

18. You know that people would probably kill to have them. / Via Twitter: @feminine