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    17 Messages All Work BFFs Will Instantly Recognise

    "Oi check your phone"

    1. When you need to have a secret meeting:

    2. And when you're both in a boring one:

    3. When one of you is not on your main chat:

    4. And when one of you isn't in at all:

    5. When one of you needs a second opinion:

    6. Because you're a team:

    7. When urgent help is required:

    8. When there's free food:

    9. When you need to borrow something:

    10. When one of you is having that kind of day:

    11. When you support each other in ALL endeavours:

    12. When there's an office hottie:

    13. When you make any excuse to see each other:

    14. When you have major GOSS:

    15. When you use work chat for so many inappropriate things but there's something that is just TOO inappropriate:

    16. Like when one of you is looking elsewhere:

    17. And when you talk in a private code that only you guys understand: