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19 Things Lazy Girls Who Hate Getting Ready Will Know To Be True

Your look is literally effortless.

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1. Making yourself look presentable takes time – time you'd rather just spend in bed.

2. So you like to limit yourself by sticking to your tried and tested looks.

3. If it weren't for dry shampoo you'd probably just have your hair in a greasy bun all week.

4. So it's safe to say you're a big fan of a shortcut.

6. You're actually dead serious about needing help with your grooming regimen.

I will literally pay someone to moisturize my body from head to toe several plus times a day, I'm seriously too lazy to do it myself

7. Because you want to look like you've put in some effort, you just don't want that effort to be yours.

8. Work already takes up too much of your time, so you save looking glam for when it really matters.

9. Sometimes you'll start off well, but then give up halfway through.

Kinda went out yesterday with only half my hair curled, couldn't be bothered doing the other side. #LazyGirlProblems

10. Other times you'll only do what's literally necessary.

11. You've contemplated changing your entire hairstyle just so you don't have to tend to your eyebrows.

the pros of having a full fringe i dont have to bother doing make up on my forhead and if i cant be bothered to do my eyebrows i dont haveto

12. And you've left chipped nail polish on your fingers and toes for weeks on end.

Gotta paint the nails but it takes a lot of effort...#lazygirlproblems

13. Sometimes being comfy just has to be your top priority.

14. Because things like shaving are just a pain in the ass.

15. You marvel at others who always seem so put together.

How do girls contour their face every day? I'm lucky if I brush my hair.

16. So having friends who feel the same as you do always makes you feel better about your choices.

17. You're thankful a messy bun is totally on trend because that is one look you know you've got down.

18. And even though you don't mean to, you end up pulling off the "chic and shabby" look quite well.

19. Which makes you feel damn good because you know your look is literally effortless.

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