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19 Broke Uni Students Who Could Teach Us A Thing Or Two

Resourcefulness: the only thing you ever really learn.

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13. Bet only what you can afford and play for stuff you actually need.

At uni we are skint so play poker for food! Tonight i won some tikka masala, baked beans, soup, coke and a trifle! πŸ˜…

14. Make your breakfast portable.

When you're in college and to broke to buy bowls..

15. But if you insist on buying breakfast outside, make it worthwhile.

Thanks uni this will do me just fine for my morning coffees #skint #wheresmyloan #issues β˜•οΈ

16. Remember that every little helps.

@dominos @star_hasel @Isarmatute and I are the definition of broke hungry college kids πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­


17. And that true love is CHEESEBURGER.

When you're broke because college but you still want to show bae a good time. #whataburger 🍟