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19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have Multiple BFFs

"A best friend isn't a's a tier".

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1. When it comes to best friends, you've got a lot of them.

2. And because of this, you sometimes get a lot of hate from people who think you're abusing the term.

People with multiple "best" friends. I don't think you understand words.

3. Which admittedly sometimes makes you question whether you're a bit strange.

Is it normal to have multiple best friends? Because when I tell people how many I have they think I'm weird.

4. But then you remember that it's so fucking awesome having a bestie squad.

5. And that haters are gon' hate.

just bc you don't have multiple bestfriends, doesn't mean I can't. 👌🏼 get over yourself.

6. The thing is, you have several BFFs because they're all different.

I have a handful of best friends, one to match each of my multiple personalities

7. Like the one who will always give it to you straight up, no bullshit.


8. And the fun one who always gets you into trouble.


9. There might be one you've known forever, the one that's like your sibling.


10. And one who is so much like you it's ridiculous.

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11. There's always one you know you can have frank conversations with, where you never have to feel embarrassed.

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12. And of course the one that always has the best advice at a time of need.

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13. Picking your wedding party is never going to be an issue.

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14. But choosing your best man or maid of honour, that is one tough decision.


15. One that could cause some problems.

Me: I have multiple best friends! All my best friends: Let's all fucking fight each other

16. With multiple best friends, you don't just have that one person to rely on.


There's always someone who will split cheese fries with you.

17. Because you're lucky to have several people you know who you would drop everything to help you.


18. Everyone is "a best friend" because everyone is equal.

I never understood how someone could have multiple best friends, until realizing how multiple people can be equally important in your life

19. But if someone still doesn't get it, try explaining it this way.

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