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19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have Multiple BFFs

"A best friend isn't a's a tier".

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1. When it comes to best friends, you've got a lot of them.

2. And because of this, you sometimes get a lot of hate from people who think you're abusing the term.

People with multiple "best" friends. I don't think you understand words.

3. Which admittedly sometimes makes you question whether you're a bit strange.

Is it normal to have multiple best friends? Because when I tell people how many I have they think I'm weird.

4. But then you remember that it's so fucking awesome having a bestie squad.

5. And that haters are gon' hate.

just bc you don't have multiple bestfriends, doesn't mean I can't. 👌🏼 get over yourself.

6. The thing is, you have several BFFs because they're all different.

I have a handful of best friends, one to match each of my multiple personalities


15. One that could cause some problems.

Me: I have multiple best friends! All my best friends: Let's all fucking fight each other


18. Everyone is "a best friend" because everyone is equal.

I never understood how someone could have multiple best friends, until realizing how multiple people can be equally important in your life