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    Apr 7, 2016

    19 Insanely Useful Skills Every Makeup Addict Has Perfected

    You can spot uneven eyebrows from a mile away.

    1. Being able to apply just about anything without a mirror.

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    2. And being able to apply it anywhere.

    3. Knowing the name of a lipstick shade someone is wearing.

    4. And being able to detect uneven brows from a mile away.


    5. Managing to look alive when you are really hungover AF.

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    6. And knowing how to take the best damn selfies.

    7. Being able to fake whatever it is you desire.

    8. Like a healthy glow that makes you look like you've just been on holiday.

    9. Knowing how to use tweezers with almost surgical precision.

    10. And so being able to handle anything that requires a delicate touch.

    11. Being able to organise everything you own neatly and beautifully.

    12. And knowing every beauty trend and hack there is.

    13. Being able to rock a bold colour with confidence.

    14. And being able to not let anything get in your way of you looking fucking flawless.

    15. Knowing how to rectify a mistake quickly and easily without it escalating into a proper fuck-up.

    16. Because nothing can go to waste, especially makeup.

    17. Knowing exactly how a celebrity achieves a certain makeup look.

    18. But also being able to create your own.

    19. And finally, the most useful skill of all – patience.

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