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19 Insanely Useful Skills Every Makeup Addict Has Perfected

You can spot uneven eyebrows from a mile away.

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2. And being able to apply it anywhere.

Instagram: @drewbarrymore

3. Knowing the name of a lipstick shade someone is wearing.

Instagram: @top_onni

Slaaaay that Ruby Woo, girl!

6. And knowing how to take the best damn selfies.

Instagram: @kaush_m

10. And so being able to handle anything that requires a delicate touch.

Instagram: @trendypolish

13. Being able to rock a bold colour with confidence.

Instagram: @theevanitydiary

17. Knowing exactly how a celebrity achieves a certain makeup look.

Instagram: @kyliejenner

18. But also being able to create your own.

Instagram: @_beautyfix

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