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21 Precious Moments Every Close Mother And Daughter Share

When you have a cup of tea and a good heart-to-heart.

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1. When you look back at old photos and reminisce about how young your mum looked and how cute you were.

Me and my mum in the late 80's / early 90's. #HappyMothersDay @Wendypnkbutafly #mum #bestfriend #daughter #throwback

"Aww! Look at our matching outfits!"

2. Or when your mum tells you about holding you in her arms for the first time.

Our first day as mother and daughter. πŸ’—

You've heard the story a million times, but it still makes you cry.

3. When you spend the day together and do something fancy like afternoon tea.

Instagram: @munalondon

4. Or a go on a spa day for a little R&R.

Instagram: @chessy863

No one deserves to be spoilt as much as your mum.


6. Even if it's just from the comfort of your bed.

Tb to when my mom made me do a face mask with her in New York πŸ˜‚ #gottaloverher #HappyMothersDay

7. Going on holiday together, especially to discover somewhere new.

successful mother/daughter trip to notre dame this weekend ❀️


9. When you achieve a goal together, like increasing your fitness.

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12. And you realise how much you look alike.

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I got it from my beautiful mama.


16. And when they help you with the big ones.

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19. When you are together for an important life event.

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Your graduation, your wedding day, the day your own child is born β€” these moments are extra special when you share them with your mum.