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    24 Faces Everyone Who Went To A British Primary School Will Remember

    "Muuum..I MEAN MISS!!"

    1. The "Please Pick Me To Be A Helper Look How Good I'm Pretending To Be" Face.

    DreamWorks Animation / Via

    2. The "Sit By Yourself On The Carpet Because You're On Your Second Warning" Face.

    3. The "Calling The Teacher 'Mum' By Accident" Face.

    SNL / Via

    4. The "Teacher Is Making Me Say Sorry But I Don't Actually Mean It" Face.

    5. The "I'm Going To Threaten To Tell On You And Then Actually Ask To Go To The Toilet" Face.


    6. The "I've Just Got A Splinter Now I'm Worried I Might Die" Face.

    7. The "I'm The Mum, He's the Dad, You Can Be The Dog." Face.

    Fox / American Idol

    8. The "If You've Forgotten Your P.E Kit Then You Have To Do It In Your Vest And Pants" Face.

    Warner Bros / Via

    9. The "It's Non-Uniform Day And I Totally Forgot About It" Face.

    NBC / Via

    10. The "I've Got A Carrot When Everyone Else Has A Frube" Face.


    11. The "I Don't Want You To Play So I'm Just Going To Say It's Not My Game" Face.

    12. The "Someone Is Hogging The Only Red Pencil And I Really Need To Draw A Heart On My Masterpiece" Face.

    13. The "My Favourite Felt Tip Pen Has Just Dried Out And I Can't Use It" Face.


    14. The "My Death In Wink Murder Was Spectacular And You All Fucking Know It" Face.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    15. The "Best Friend Is Holding Someone Else's Hand On The Way To Assembly" Face.

    16. The "Teacher Didn't Pick Me To Read Out Loud Again Even Though I'm So Much Better Than Everyone Else" Face.


    17. The "I've Just Been Caught In Kiss Chase And Now I Have Lurgies" Face.


    18. The "I Know Someone In Year 6 So Don't Fuck Me With Me" Face.

    NBC / Via

    19. The "About To Be Picked For Rounders And I Really Don't Want To Be Last" Face.

    NBC / Via

    20. The "I've Just Been Put In The Time Out Box And Now I Have Everyone Asking Why I'm Not Playing" Face.

    Thomas Coex / Getty Images

    21. The "You're Not My Friend Anymore" Face.

    Logo / Via

    22. The "Shit I Need To Find A Partner For The School Trip Or I Have To Hold The Teacher's Hand" Face.

    DreamWorks SKG

    23. The "It's 4pm And My Mum Still Hasn't Picked Me Up From School Has She Forgotten My Existence" Face.

    NBC / Via

    24. The "Getting Partnered With That One Kid Instead Of Your Best Friend" Face.

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