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    25 Things Everyone Does While Procrastinating

    Stop what you're supposed to be doing and read this.

    1. You stare at the task at hand, hoping it will go away.

    2. But then you prefer a change of scenery and just stare blankly into space instead.

    3. So you end up having some very deep, worldly thoughts.

    4. Sometimes you like to play a game where you pretend the task doesn't actually exist.

    5. And if the internet is down, nope, you've decided you definitely can't get your work done.

    6. You think maybe if you put it off long enough your procrastination might be rewarded.

    procrastination is doing other things while hoping the person who asked you to do something has completely forgotten about it

    7. Or if you're lucky, someone else will just do your work for you.

    8. From the outset you know you're going to leave it to the last minute.

    9. Because that's what Harry Potter would do and he is an inspiration to us all.

    10. It's not like it'll be the end of the world if you didn't do it today...

    11. You'll just force yourself to get up at an ungodly hour.

    12. And get yourself comfortable somewhere you can actually concentrate.

    13. You convince yourself that there are more important things to cross of your list.

    14. Like finding the answers to life's greatest mysteries.

    15. Or tidying your drawers because NOTHING is worse than doing what you're supposed to be doing.

    Haven't started my paper... Buuut I organized my drawers by color! 😬 #procrastination #isitsummeryet

    16. You have no time yet too much time on your hands.

    The things I do when homework should be done... #procrastinationproblems

    17. You honestly don't even know how you end up doing what you're doing when you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing.

    18. So you never know where your procrastination may take you.

    19. Dark places, that's where.

    20. Updating social media statuses about what you need to do is OK because then you have to do it right?

    21. Or maybe you'll seek help from your friend that's actually good at life and then HATE THEM FOR IT.

    22. Maybe you'll just research shortcuts.

    23. But if that fails, which it will, you'll have that personal reminder ready for some serious ass kicking.

    24. As long as you're doing something remotely related you convince yourself it's getting the job done.

    25. But then ultimately you know your plan is flawed and you finally seek real help.

    Reading about how to stop #procrastination while procrastinating. Tomorrow I'll be a better #student.