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18 Things Only People Who Get "Lemon & Herb" At Nando's Will Get

You get teased about it endlessly.

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5. You have to be careful not to declare your spice level too loudly or with too much confidence.

7. People are always trying to get you to up your spice level.

When ur friend orders lemon and herb at nandos

8. Especially Mediums, like, who do they think they are?

If you order medium at nandos you might as well have just ordered lemon and herb bc that shit is not spicy


11. Sometimes you will experiment, but only by adding extra sauces.

12. Because at least that way you're in control.

@amyyoung101 @ChrisBourne I go like lemon and herb and sometimes medium sauce on the side then I can level it just right hahaha


17. But despite all of the teasing, the staring, and all of the people constantly trying to change you, you've come to accept that you are who you are and you like what you like.

18. And well, at least you're not Plain...

good morning everyone except people who get plain at nandos

Sorry guys, that's just too far.