How Gross Are Your Food Habits?

Do you suck your fingers clean after a meal?

  1. 1. Do you ever lick your plate clean?
  1. 2. Do you ever get food in your hair?
  1. 3. What about all over your face?
  1. 4. And what about on your clothes?
  1. 5. Do you make chewing or slurping noises when you eat?
  1. 6. What about talk while you're eating?
  1. 7. Do you ever eat food that's fallen on the floor?
  1. 8. Do you ever pick out food that gets stuck in your teeth and then re-eat it?
  1. 9. Do you ever use your finger as a spoon?
  1. 10. Do you ever suck your fingers clean after a meal?
  1. 11. Do you ever eat food that's too hot, spit it out, wait for it to cool, and then eat it again?
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Remee Patel is a senior editor for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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