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23 Pret Problems We All Know To Be True

Loyal to the one place that doesn't have a loyalty card.

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1. Firstly, you can't avoid Pret – it is everywhere.

Seems like @Pret is everywhere these days, not that I'm complaining. Welcome to the neighborhood! #gramercy

2. So even when you really, really want to try somewhere else, the convenience is just too great.

3. And the addiction is so strong, if you're running late, you'd still pop by your nearest store.

Only got to Marble Arch six mins late. I've already told work in gonna be late. So I may as well go via Pret, right?

4. Because otherwise, you're probably not going to be able to concentrate.

Chocolate croissants are genuinely the only thing to properly wake me up. #pretproblems

5. You're never really sure of the queuing etiquette in Pret.

Capella International

6. And you always end up regretting the side you pick.

7. Because the queuing system isn't a system at all, you get lost in a sea of people just waiting around for their hot drinks.

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8. Once you reach the till, the person behind it will be super happy, which you're never quite ready for.

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9. And when you order your "hot" drink, you'll probably have to ask for it "extra hot".

Why are Pret lattes never hot?! #problems #Pret #sortitout

10. Which you'll regret, because it turns out their drinks are probably lukewarm for a reason.

@Pret seriously you are going to raise prices and still have lids that leak?!? #notcool #nothanks

11. Even though you said "takeaway", you'll toy with the idea of eating in.

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12. Because with all of the money they take from you, you gotta get your kicks somehow, right?

I have so much hoarded Pret cutlery in my drawers that they won't shut properly. And yet still I take two spoons daily.

13. It's pretty much impossible to leave Pret with just one item.

14. And even though you know you're spending a small fortune...

Massive pisshead in Pret demanding to know what everyone's problem is. 'Paying £5 for a very small salad' I whisper to myself. #kickingnoass

15.'ll still pay good money for two boiled eggs and just hate yourself later.

16. Because the cutlery is self-serve, you've got yourself into a pickle a few times.

I wish @Pret would either give you cutlery or at least remind you to collect it. On a train, about to eat my salad with two coffee stirrers.

17. Which gets you wondering about other baffling things.

.@Pret why do you have only one size of cups?

18. Like, how come you can take as much cutlery as you want but you can only get napkins at the till?

19. Why is everything healthy but also not healthy at all?


21. Pret seems to be the only place that doesn't have a loyalty card.

Probably because redemptions would happen every other day.

Probably because redemptions would happen every other day.

22. So we have to pray the baristas are feeling our look.

23. Because after all, this addiction is coming at a great cost.

But it's one that is sometimes so worth it.

There are some days (hungover ones) where only a Pret ham and cheese croissant will do.